San Diego Comic-Con – TV trailers

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Did I mention on the movie trailer post that there would be a quiz? Just to see if you’re paying attention. I didn’t? Are you sure? Perhaps that is the test…read to the end to find out! Maybe…

Here we are back again looking at San Diego Comic-Con. Biggest annual pop culture event on the planet. The place where big studios unveil exclusive looks at their upcoming slate and the lucky ones attending get to see it all first and then get their chance to meet the stars of the films and TV shows who turn up and entertain the fans with fun panels talking about the projects and everything else they can say without a marksman from Marvel or HBO taking them out from the wings.

In the last post we looked at movies and now it’s time to take a dive into just a small selection of the trailers for new and returning popular TV shows. Again these are my pick and there are a lot more out there but hopefully you’ll see something you like here!

Can’t start with anything but the trailer for Stranger Things 2. A surprise smash hit simply because nobody knew what to expect, the first series was an absolute treat. Set in the early 1980s it looked and felt like Stephen King and Stephen Spielberg had got together over a drink one night and made a TV show together. It had spine-tingling horror, action, humour and heart. And a killer 80s style theme tune and credits. Returning to Netflix in October here’s a snippet of what to expect:

Fantastic stuff. The stars of this show are the kids and they look like they are revelling in their roles as they get to run around dressed as Ghostbusters. Which I did at roughly the same time so it’s a real trip down memory lane. Without the terrifying massive creature, strange other dimension and bad guys. Boy was I glad to see the back of that lot.

Staying with the boys and girls at Netflix and there’s a new Marvel series coming to the streaming service in August. The Defenders is a group formed by characters who’ve now already had their own standalone series and now they’re teaming up to save New York. Which is under attack yet again. I’ve probably said this before but insurance rates in that city must be utterly insane. Imagine making a claim because Hulk trashed your apartment after pile driving an alien through it…the insurance company would probably still find a way to get out of it. Enough rambling, watch trailer time:

Much fun to be had with this one.

I was in two minds whether or not to post The Walking Dead season 8 trailer. Like the survivors I am still grimly hanging on week after week waiting for something exciting to happen. The trailer offers plenty of action but in my experience you get the action in episode one, the mid-season finale, the episode after that and the last episode. They really need to make the whole season more interesting and exciting rather than just plough on like the walkers.

Interesting thing about this is the pause then cut to an older looking Rick in a hospital bed. What’s happened there – have we jumped forward in time? Has the show bored him into premature ageing. This is a great show when on form so hopefully there’s more good episodes than bad this year.

Would you look at this. Those little scamps at Netflix are back. I should contact them about advertising. Bright is a little bit different to the usual suspects and could be a big hit if the series captures the feel of the trailer. Set on an Earth where fairies, orcs and other fantasy creatures are real and living – and working – alongside humans it stars the Fresh Prince himself Will Smith and a great cast including Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace.

Big Willie (stop sniggering at the back) really needs a hit. His movie output has been disappointing recently but in this trailer he looks to be making a return to form. Quirky show by the look of things but worth checking out I think!

Stepping away from our pals at Netflix the last trailer I’ve shared is for a Star Trek style spoof called The Orville which is coming to TV screens later this year. Created by and starring Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy/American Dad/Cleveland show fame it looks like a bit of light hearted fun. Reminds me of a film called Galaxy Quest starring Tim Allen, Signourney Weaver and Alan Rickman from 1999 which told the tale of a group of sci-fi show actors taken into space by aliens who thought the cast were really intergalactic sorter outers of things. Here’s a peek at what to expect:

Definitely worth a look although if you are not a fan of MacFarlane then chances are you’d rather watch the grass grow.

Other trailers of note for new and returning shows are the Netflix Star Trek series called Discovery. Brought to you by Netflix it’ll be on Netflix later this year. So subscribe to Netflix if you don’t already. Ha ha.

Westworld which follows on from the at times massively enjoyable but at times massively confusing and slow first season when it returns next year. The trailer promises more of the same as the robot inhabitants begin their uprising. That’s not really a spoiler. Unless you haven’t seen the original film and therefore don’t know the story. Aah well the film is over 40 years old, you had a good run at avoiding that.

Lots of good TV shows coming up – have I missed anything you’re really looking forward to? Let me know in the comments – you might help me find something I’ve not considered!



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